The California Distance Learning Project

CDLP helps

CDLP helps

The California Distance Learning Project, CDLP, is a web-based project designed to get adults better educated so that they can compete better in the work force. This creative and ingenious program has no need for classroom furniture, as it is entirely based on continuing education over the internet.

Prospective students can choose from a large array of subjects which they would like to learn more about, including Law and Government, Family, Money, and many others. The student picks the subject that interests him, and is brought to a page with a list of many articles; some of the articles also include videos. After reading a shortened version of a story the student then continues onto the original version. After reading this more complex version, the student continues to the next page, where he is guided to learn new words from the story.

Then there is a matching game with the difficult vocabulary words from the story, where the student has to match the words with their meaning. Next is a set of questions which test for the students’ comprehension level. Finally the student is asked to write an answer to a complex question based on the student’s understanding of the article.

It is clear that if a student goes through many of the articles, there understanding of English will rise substantially.