Connect Arkansas Promoting Digital Literacy

Connect Arkansas helping people get online

Connect Arkansas helping people get online

Connect Arkansas is a project of the Arkansas Capital Corporation (ACCG). It is a nonprofit corporation whose mandate is to increase the use of high-speed internet and improving and supporting internet adoption all over Arkansas. The corporation was created in the wake of the passage of the Broadband Act, which was signed into law in 2007 by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.
The goal of the law is to improve the personal lives and creating economic opportunities for the people of Arkansas. Part of what Connect Arkansas does is to provide adult education to increase adult digital literacy in the state. By getting adults back into school chairs, the belief is that economic opportunities will be multiplied for Arkansans.

Adult digital literacy classes take place every day of the week throughout the year. For instance, in January there will be a one hour class in the Grant County Library of Sheridan which will cover the most frequently asked questions about computers and the internet. Later in the month the Fort Smith Public Library will offer classes in Advanced iPads, Introduction to Windows 8, and Computer and Internet Questions and Answers.

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