Graduate Degrees in Adult Education

Adult Education Programs Lead to Great Jobs

Adult Education Programs Lead to Great Jobs

According to the Penn State College of Education “Graduate degrees in Adult Education are among the most practical – and adaptable – in all of higher education.”

Anyone considering a career change, who is willing to get back into school chairs, should consider the satisfaction and importance of adult education. Penn State offers a large choice of educational opportunities for all those interested in teaching adults on some level.

Penn State offers M.Ed. and D.Ed. degrees, both of which are practitioner degrees. They allow graduates to use their knowledge in a wide variety of suitable and satisfying ways. There is also the Ph.D. degree, which is a research degree. With a doctorate graduates are then qualified to advance the theoretical foundations, empirical knowledge, and strategic role of adult education.

Graduates of the program can expect to have many options including becoming tenured professors or administrators at many of the best universities of North America in their departments of adult and continuing education. The unique areas of practice within the field of adult education incorporate the following:

•  adult basic education
•  community education & organizing
•  adult & family literacy
•  professional and continuing education
•  distance education
•  human resource development
•  workplace learning
•  informal education
•  educational outreach
•  post-secondary education
•  religious education
•  social advocacy & action

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