New Adult Learning Opportunities in Manila

adult learning 5New adult learning opportunities are arising in Manila.  Each village is set to have its own alternative learning system for adult learners and youth who are not attending school.  This will happen if the local council passes the “Barangay (village) Alternative Learning System Ordinance,” instigated by Julienne Alyson Rae Medalla (fifth district councilor).  The ALS was established in 2001 under Republic Act 9155 as a ““parallel learning system to provide, viable, flexible and accessible learning opportunities to all out-of-school youth and adults in all villages across the country.” According to the Bureau of Alternative Learning System website, the ALS is the Department of Education’s free education program.  It is designed for people who cannot afford formal schooling where students need to attend 10 months/800 hours in the classroom with school furniture before they get their performance assessed.  So even if the schools are not fully equipped – and for example only have temporary furniture like folding tables and folding chairs – at least there will now be some opportunity that was missing in the past.  In addition, apart from giving the less-fortunate hope, it gives opportunities to school drop-outs, maids, industry-based workers, etc.